About Comunque… The Italian expression for ‘anyway’. With one thing is being concluded while another is about to start. Conclusions are made and new actions follow on… To change things, to make things easier, to make the world a better place with our small decisions that do matter. Like everyday life… Comunque

Comunque… is a brand of luxury scarves. Designed and made with love for the product itself and the people who wear it. Only natural materials are being used to create a feeling of comfort, warmth and beauty. With the wide range of designs and colours it is easy to underline one’s personality. Our aim is to make classic scarves with a twist that last several seasons, if not a lifetime. Buy less but buy better.

All our products are being produced in a responsible way; we try to produce less, but better.

Comunque… is a brand of Mercurius Mode Accessoires, founded in 1996.